Ruth van Beek (1977)

Ruth van Beek
Ruth van Beek ( Zaandam, 1977 ) Lives and works in Koog aan de Zaan, The Netherlands. She studied photography at The Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, and graduated in 2002.

Ruth van Beek’s work originates in her ever growing archive. The images, mainly from old photo books, are her tools, source material and context. Van Beek physically intervenes in the pictures. By folding them, cutting them, or adding pieces of painted paper, she rearranges and manipulates the image long enough to reveal the universe that lied within. contrasting elements engage in conversation: the dead past coming to life; the literal and the abstract; the kind of photography that displays emphatically and her covering it up visibly; the limitations and the endless possibilities of an archive.

Her work was shown worldwide in various solo and group exhibitions. Among others: FOMU (BE), ETAL Gallery, (VS), The Ravestijn Gallery (NL), Les rencontres d’Arles (FR), Flowers Gallery (UK) and Fraenkel Gallery (VS) Works have been featured in magazines such as Centerfold Magazine, Foam Magazine, IMA Magazine, The Brittish Journal Of Photography, The Aperture Photobook Review, Financial Times, Elephant Magazine and The NewYork Times. She has published several artist books, in 2017 her latest book The Cast, was published by NewDocuments in LA. In September 2018 her book “How to do the flowers” comes out, co published by Art Paper Editions from Gent (BE) and Dashwood Books from NewYork. (VS). Ruth van Beek is represented by The Ravestijn Gallery in Amsterdam.

Portrait by Koos Breukel, 2016

Upcoming Exhibitions:
November 2018: Approche Paris (FR)

Published Artist Books:
2017 The Cast, New Documents (VS); 2016 The Levitators, RVB Books (FR); 2015 Manuals nr 3, Lapis Lazuli, Centerfold Editions (NL); 2014 Houseplants covered with snow&Houseplants, Dashwood books (VS); Manuals nr 2, Dancing Figures, Centerfold Editions (NL); 2013 Manuals nr 1, Morning Ritual, Centerfold Editions(NL); The Arrangement, RVB Books (FR); 2011 The Hibernators, RVB Books (FR)

Exhibitions: ( Selection )
2018 Photofairs, San Francisco (USA)

2017 Unseen Photofair Amsterdam / Erik Kessels&Friends, NRW Forum, Dusseldorf, GE / White Dog Blue Ribbon ( solo )Âme Nue, Hamburg, GE / Fabulous Failures, Le Botanique, Brussel, BE / Cats&Dogs, Israel museum, Jerusalem / Springvloed, curated by Willem Van Zoetendaal, Nederlands Fotomuseum / Surface Tension, FOMU Antwerp, Belgium
2016 NewDocuments, ETAL Gallery, San Francisco, VS / The Situation Room, solo exhibition The Ravestijn Gallery, Amsterdam / Between the lines, Archipellago, London, UK / NewFlash, Rubber Factory NewYork, VS / Fabulous Failures, Les rencontres d’Arles, FR / Photography Extended 2, Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen
2015 Is it a Painting (Or is it a Sculpture? Or a Photo, Tique art space Antwerp, BE / ThisIsItNow, Snapchat exhibition, NewYork / The Pistil’s Waltz, Gallery Fifty One, Antwerp, BE / Metamorphosis, The Flowers Gallery, London, UK / Photo London, The Ravestijn Gallery, London, UK / Out of Shape, Tigue Art Space, Antwerpen
2014 New Arrangements, The Ravestijn Gallery, solo exhibition, Amsterdam / The Rehearsal, Warte fur Kunst, Kassel, Germany / ‘Grain, Wood, Flax, Turf', groupshow, De Voorkamer, Lier, BE / Flatland Gallery, groupshow Amsterdam / Where There’s Smoke, Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco, VS / Field Works, Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork, Ireland / 24/7 Still life, Cohen Gallery, Los Angeles / Nature Morte, Honore #1, Paris, France /
2013 > Metronom Gallery, Modena, Italy – Solo / Mina, reconstructie van een decennium, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, Diepenheim / play, collect, construct, fold and display, gallery LhGWR DenHaag / The Ephemera Show, duo exhibition with Koen Hauser, Gallery37, Haarlem / Printroom, Rotterdam / The second act, Brakke grond, Amsterdam / 10 jaar SYB, Pa////kt, Amterdam / Le Garage, Arles, France / R.S.V.P, galery Koal, Berlin / Taste my Photons, Noorderlicht gallery, Groningen / The Great Blue Mountain Range, Okay Mountain, Austin Texas, V.S. / Probe #3, Suze May Sho, Arnhem / Recollecting History, ACF, Amsterdam / Use me, abuse me, NewYork Photofestival, curated by Erik Kessels, NewYork, V.S. / Sugary Photographs with tricks, poses and effects, Antwerpen / Artefacten, galerie37Spaarnestad, Haarlem / Reconstructions, FOAM_ 3h, Amsterdam

Publications&press ( Selection )
Marseille Je T’Aime Jacquemus, Elephant Magazine, IMA Magazine, Financial Times, Foam Magazine, The Plantation Journal, American Suburb X, Lula Japan, NewYork Times, The Age of Collage, Four&Sons, Ordinary Magazine, Cocurate, Metrolpolis M, Kunstbeeld, Vrij Nederland, Women in Clothes, British Journal Of Photography, Capricious Magazine, The Aperture Photobook Review, NRC Handelsblad, The Plantation Journal, De Gids

Commissioned work
Marseille Je T’Aime, Jacquemus / Marni, mini collection / Women in Clothes / NewYork Times style magazine, Kesselskramer, L’Officiel Italy

Since 2014 teacher Mixed Media and Photography at the Gerit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam
2016&2017 Master class with medical students from the Radbout University. ( About looking )
2015 Project week Minerva Academy, Groningen

Selected Press
Fantastic review in Le Figaro of Ruth van Beek's solopresentation at Approche 2018 here!
A great interview for during UNSEEN 2015 here!
'The Levitators' series was also on television in Kunstuur: watch it here!