"The Ultimate Sailor - under Construction"


Het Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam

Fri 10 Jun 2016 - Thu 29 Sep 2016

Since ages, 'the' sailor has been rooted in caricatural and stereotypical representations: as protector of the nation, as saviour of the almost drowned, as a dissolute Jack Tar, as a masculine and virile character, tamer of the elements, as a sexsymbol for both women and men. The popular image of 'the' sailor is – and always has been – a cultural and contemporary projection.

In The Ultimate Sailor: under construction four contemporary Dutch photographers reflect on the way persistent stereotypical representations resonate in today's conceptions of 'the' sailor. What role does the image of 'the' sailor plays in society today?

Renowned photographers Marie-José Jongerius, Koen Hauser, Jan Hoek and Aisha Zeijpveld – whose artistic works all derive from themes such as image-construction, exoticism and myth building – together create a vibrant, new and non-conformist palette of the Ultimate Sailor. The Ultimate Sailor: under construction (on view until the 29th of September 2016) is programmed in a time when questions about stereotypical representations – such as Zwarte Piet and the film character of naval hero Michiel de Ruyter in The Netherlands, and the 'white' Oscars internationally – dominate the current public debate.
De Nachtwacht - Karel Doorman 1, 2016De Nachtwacht - Karel Doorman 2, 2016De Nachtwacht - Karel Doorman 3, 2016De Nachtwacht - Karel Doorman 4, 2016De Nachtwacht - Karel Doorman 5, 2016
De Nachtwacht - Karel Doorman 1, 2016
Title: De Nachtwacht - Karel Doorman 1, 2016
Print size: 120 x 150 cm
Edition of 8
Inkjet on Ilford Gallery Gold Fiber Silk paper,
Framed in black Oak