Art Rotterdam 2017


Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Thu 09 Feb 2017 - Sun 12 Feb 2017

This will be the second time for The Ravestijn Gallery at the Art Rotterdam Art Fair. The Ravestijn Gallery will present two artists, each with their own link to America: Mona Kuhn and Robin de Puy.

Mona Kuhn (BRA/USA 1969) is best known for her large-scale, dream-like photographs of the human form. Her work often reference classical themes with a light and insightful touch. Kuhn’s approach to her photography is unusual in that she usually develops close relationships with her subjects, resulting in images of remarkable naturalness and intimacy, and creating the effect of people naked but comfortable in their own skin.

Robin de Puy (NLD 1986) graduated from the Fotoacademie Rotterdam (NL) in 2009 with her series ‘Girls in Prostitution’, which earned her a Photo Academy Award for best graduation project. In 2013 she received the National Portrait Prize for her portrait of colleague An-Sofie Kesteleyn. In Spring 2016 De Puy’s first museum exhibition opened at the Fotomuseum in The Hague (NL) with her series ‘If This is True..., a series of portraits taken on a roadtrip 8.000 miles on a Harley-Davidson through the USA. A selection of that show, including new and unseen works will be on show at Art Rotterdam 2017.


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If this is true... / Self portrait with Simone and Maarten, Loudon (Tennessee) 2015If this is true... / Self portrait, Raton (New Mexico) 2015Art Rotterdam 2017If this is true... / Self portrait, Paonia (Colorado) 2015If this is true... / John, Austin (Texas) 2015If this is true... / Murt's car, Tuskegee (Alabama) 2015If this is true... / Cherish, Auburn (Alabama) 2015If this is true... / Austin (Texas) 2015If this is true... / Sabryna, Chugwater (Wyoming) 2015If this is true... / Justin, Randy and Austin, Ely (Nevada) 2015Private, 2013Mesa, 2012Scrolls, 2013Sarah, 2013Chanon, 2013Perspective, 2013Grand Falls, 2013Maya, 2012Daisy, 2013Mirage II, 2012
Installation 01
Title: Installation 01