Paris, France

Fri 09 Nov 2018 - Sun 11 Nov 2018

How to do the flowers, act 1

Making books has always been part of Ruth’s practice. As a natural concequence of the destruction of books to collect material, she makes new books that bring order and context within the artist’s oeuvre. Her latest book is an extensive manual book. Hundreds of images and try-outs for collages come together on the pages in unexpected combinations. They provide the viewer with context for the collages, reveal the underlying work proces and at the same time compose a personal guide for making new work. By focussing on the actions and letting go of the original context, Van Beek stimulates the imagination and with that the inconvenience of the viewer. Passive human hands are animated and become activators of the silent objects. With their touching, pinching and caring they help the viewer in their understanding of the material. Objects become characters and abstract forms come to life.

The title “How to do the flowers” is a reference to the origin of large parts of the archive. Books about housekeeping, books that explain to us how to live, how to do the garden, arrange flowers, or hang the curtains. It is a question and at the same time a restriction. This way and no other way should it be done. A compelling guideline, doomed to be violated and therefore produce failures.

For the exhibition How to do the flowers, Act 1, Ruth uses her latest book as a counselor. In the presentation the walls will be the stage and different images will be brought together. The same risks will be taken as in the artist’s studio. Circumstances are created in which playing, searching, intuition and humour can play the leading role. Levitators come together with dramatic flowerarrangements and houseplants covered with snow. Pink figures dance with flowers and black and white ladies hang from the ceiling like green beans.

To visit A PPR OC HE 2018 please make a reservation by using this link! If you would like to receive the exposé or order a signed copy of Ruth's book please contact the gallery via email here!


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Installation 01
Title: Installation 01
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