Koen Hauser


Ephemera, 2011

The Ephemera series (2011) was conceived as part of the Ephemera Show, a duo exhibition with Ruth van Beek, mixing parts of our cut-out imagery archive and personal work. The series consists of close-up shots of paper, aluminium foil and plastic wrapping material. The esthetics of these images together with a thick perspex layering, mimic the photographical conventions of depicting jewels, gems and minerals.
Ephemera (Untitled 1), 2011Ephemera (Untitled 2), 2011Ephemera (Untitled 3), 2011Ephemera (Untitled 4), 2011Ephemera (Untitled 5), 2011Ephemera (Untitled 6), 2011Ephemera (Untitled 7), 2011Ephemera (Untitled 8), 2011Ephemera (Untitled 9), 2011Ephemera (Untitled 10), 2011Ephemera (Untitled 11), 2011Ephemera (Untitled 12), 2011Ephemera (Untitled 13), 2011Ephemera (Untitled 14), 2011
Ephemera (Untitled 1), 2011
Title: Ephemera (Untitled 1), 2011
Print size: 30 x 45 cm
Edition of 5
C-type print on archival paper,
mounted behind 20 mm plexiglass