Mariken Wessels


'Femina Ludens' 2017

Seven black and white photos / Photo paper and one Clay figure.
Mixed media. Layers are applied by hand and consist of transparent pergamin
paper. Unique works.

Photographic works? about power seduction and vulnerability. When does free
will cease and turn into coercion? Sometimes the photographic works of the
women also look like flowers. Preserved as if in a classic herbarium. With
impairments or slight displacement. Adopted with small stitches.
Femina Ludens I, 2017
Femina Ludens I, 2017
Title: Femina Ludens I, 2017
Print size: 16,8 x 22,7 cm / framed 29,1 x 35,3 cm
Unique piece
Collage / maple frame